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We have used Clarity E-Commerce to translate our product data into French and German, to enable us to list on and through ChannelAdvisor. We send Clarity an English inventory file and we are provided with a file ready for upload into ChannelAdvisor complete with all translations and categorisations. 

We’ve been very pleased with the professional translation services Clarity E-Commerce Translation has provided.  We’ve been really impressed with their knowledge of our sector and platforms.  We look forward to working with Clarity on many more projects over the coming months. Keep up the good work!


Clarity managed the whole process of launching our range in France and Spain and we were delighted with the service. Chris translated all of the product details and managed the inventory using ChannelAdvisor and then managed the go-live process, ensuring all listings were live on Ebay and Amazon in France & Spain.

Once the products were launched, he looked after the customer-care side, translating email templates and feedback responses. Marketing content such as Amazon Sponsored Products was translated into French and Spanish and Chris designed and wrote marketing emails using MailChimp


We use Clarity E-Commerce Translation intermittently to translate our Amazon listings into French, German and  Spanish. We send details of the listings we need translating and Clarity take it from there. It is a fully managed, end-to-end process, which makes expanding into Europe a lot less stressful.

Clarity have also translated email templates, allowing customers to leave product and customer service reviews, building trust in our business.

A good translation service, combined with Pan-European FBA has been crucial to our European expansion.


W Brewin & Co. Ltd

Clarity E-Commerce Translation undertook a project to translate out data into 3 languages (French, Italian and German).  The deadline was tight for the project and I’m pleased to say Clarity met the deadline and provided excellent professionally translated data.

Our data was to be used with ChannelAdvisor and Clarity provided complete inventory files, ready for upload into the ChannelAdvisor platform, including categorisation information such as Amazon Browse Nodes and Ebay Category IDs.

Mo Bro’s

I would recommend using Chris from Clarity E-Commerce, he has assisted us on several areas of the business. He has been efficient, honest and transparent with every job he has completed for us.