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Multilingual Customer Service

Multilingual Customer Service

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Multilingual customer service

Once you are selling on overseas marketplaces, it is essential that you look after your customers to maintain excellent performance statistics and continue to grow your company's reputation overseas. 

Clarity E-Commerce Translation can manage your overseas customer service for you. As part of our customer service package, we:

  • Answer all marketplace messages and foreign language emails
  • Handle marketplace returns requests
  • Manage and resolve negative feedback

We use an industry-leading centralised platform to manage all contact with your customers, who get fast, personalised responses to their queries. All customers are answered by a qualified customer service advisor in their own native language.

Our customer service team has excellent communication skills and a wide-ranging knowledge of e-commerce. We never use machine translations, ensuring no loss of meaning and a better customer experience.


Our Multilingual Customer Service package is priced based on the number of tickets we handle, meaning you only pay for the work that we do. 

This package means that you do not have to pay to recruit and train new staff and you can add languages when you need them. 

Below is a full price list for our Multilingual Customer Service package.

Tickets Monthly Price (Ex. VAT)
1-50 £45
51-100 £115
101-150 £190
151-200 £266
201-250 £340
251-300 £415
301-350 £490
351-400 £565
401-450 £640
451-500 £715
501-550 £790
551-600 £865
601-650 £940
651-700 £1,015
701-750 £1,090
751-800 £1,165

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