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Selling in France

France is the third biggest online marketplace in Europe. With over 35 million online buyers (78% of French internet users), there is a huge opportunity ready and waiting for your brand. The French e-commerce market is worth €57 billion annually and 10 of the 15 most visited websites are marketplaces.

You probably already know about Amazon and Ebay – and these are big players in the French market – but there are several other big players which you may be less familiar with.




Cdiscount was launched in 2011 and gets 11 million unique visitors per month. Products from a wide range of categories are sold on this marketplace and their commission ranges from 5% to 20%. Cdiscount offers multi-lingual account managers as well as an excellent fulfilment system, making Cross-Border Trade easier for non-French sellers. There are 18,500 pick-up points throughout France and their fulfilment system offers sellers better visibility and an opportunity to increase sales.

Price Minister – Rakuten



Again, sellers can list in almost any category on Price Minister Rakuten. It offers seller stores and marketing options, which makes it a competitor of This marketplace has 22 million members and 9 million active users every month, which means it is one of the leading French marketplaces. Roughly 94% of its customers are in France, with the remainder coming from Belgium, Switzerland and Canada.



This is the third most visited e-commerce site in France, with 15 million unique visits per month. It is particularly good for those selling in the media and consumer electronics categories. While these two categories are dominant, you are still able to list in other categories.


Tips for selling in France

-          French customers expect product information and customer service to be in French. They are happy to buy from foreign sellers if this is the case.

-          Sort your shipping. Click and collect is very popular in France. It is also worth exploring options such as FBA or Cdiscount Fulfilment to ensure a smooth process.

-          Before deciding to expand into any country, you should always do your research into the market, and specifically the customers buying your products.

Clarity E-Commerce Translation is here to help you. Whether you already trade in France and need help with customer service, or whether you want to launch in France but need product data translated.

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