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Selling on Cdiscount

What is Cdiscount?

Cdiscount is a large French e-commerce marketplace which offers a wide range of products including electronics, beauty, apparel, household appliances, cultural products, personal appliances and food. 

It currently has (according to their website):

  • 8.6 million active customers
  • 18 million active users per month
  • 10,000 active professional sellers across more than 150 countries

Why should you sell on Cdiscount?

France is the third largest e-commerce market in Europe, behind the UK and Germany. It should be a priority in your European e-commerce expansion.

Cdiscount has been the leading online marketplace in France for many years and although it has recently been overtaken by, there is not much in it. 

It represents a low-risk way to introduce your brand and products to more overseas customers without just limiting yourself to Amazon and Ebay. 

How do you register to sell on Cdiscount?

Approval to sell on Cdiscount is required and can be requested by emailing or by filling out the form on their website.

Cdiscount reserves the right to accept or refuse your application but once you are registered as a professional seller your account is activated.

You will be required to provide French-language customer support via email to trade on the marketplace, which is something Clarity can assist you with, (it is worth noting that there is no requirement to provide French-language phone support).

Sellers will need to have the ability to provide a prepaid shipping label or have a French returns address.

How do you sell on Cdiscount?

The seller interface is available online or through an API. The listing process depends on whether or not your products are already listed in the Cdiscount catalogue. 

If the product is already in the Cdiscount catalogue, you will need to set your selling price, condition and the stock level. This can be done via an upload within the Cdiscount user interface.

If your products are not already in the catalogue, you will have to send a file via email or via API and Cdiscount process the file for you. 

You can also sell on Cdiscount via your ChannelAdvisor or Channel Pilot user account. 

How much does it cost to sell on Cdiscount?

Cdiscount charges a monthly subscription of 39.99 € plus VAT per month. On top of this, a commission is applied on sales generated.

The rate is dependant on the category in which you are selling and is shown in the table below (sourced from Cdiscount)

All Categories (Excluding Below)15%17%
Electrical Appliances - Equipment (except Large Electrical Appliances)10%12% 
Large Electrical Appliances (1)12%14% 
Electrical Appliances - Accessories12%14% 
Audio, GPS, Car audio, Photo, Video cameras, Lenses, Flash7%9% 
TV, Computers, tablets, PC screens, Printers & scanners, video projectors5%7% 
Mobile phones, Smartphones7%9% 
IT - Peripherals, Components, networks, memory/storage7%9% 
Video games consoles8% 10%
Drones (except accessoires)10%12% 
High-Tech & Computing - Accessories12%14% 
Home - Element for bed (including Mattress), Beds, Extra beds, Bed linen, Seats (including Sofa), Living room - Hall furniture, Bedroom furnishing units, Office furnishing units, Bathroom units, Small additional units, Kitchen units17% 19%
DIY12% 14%
Vehicles12,5% 14,5%
Tyres10% 12%
Wine - Alcohol - Liquors10% 12%
Pet house 16%18%
Articles for Smokers16%18%
Parapharmaceutical products16%18%

Overall, launching on Cdiscount should be part of your cross-border e-commerce strategy.

Clarity E-Commerce Translation can help you with every stage of the process, from registration, to product translation to customer service management.

If you are interested in launching on Cdiscount, then please get in touch today.

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