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The Dangers of Machine Translation

Cross-border e-commerce is bigger that it has ever been, with an increasing number of online retailers trading in several different countries. Only 26% of internet users speak English  which means that to sell overseas, your company must become multilingual.

Free Translation Engines

If you want to list your products in a different language it can be tempting to use free online machine translations and a huge number of people give into this temptation. According to Google, 200 million people used Google Translate every day. 

Falling into the trap of using free machine translation engines to trim costs is dangerous and counter productive, here's why.

Lack of Context

Machine translators such as Google Translate do not have the ability to know the context of a piece of text, nor do they know where the text will be published and why in the same way an expert human translator would. You would get a text which is vaguely understandable but it wouldn't be natural and wouldn't create trust in your brand. 

Subject-specific Terminology

Free translation machines can never be aware of technical language, or all subject-specific words and phrases. They cannot differentiate between brand names and normal sentence text. For companies working in technology, marketing, e-commerce, law and engineering, this is particularly problematic. Expert translators and translation companies can discuss these items with the client and iron out any issues. (Clarity E-Commerce Translation will always discuss subject specific language with you to ensure the best possible translation).

Word Order

Translation machines can never know nuances of a language and they do not know how sentences are structured in a particular language. A machine doesn't have the ability to change word order correctly and the result just wouldn't read well at all. A qualified translator knows all the nuances of the language they are translating into and therefore the final result is a text which reads as if it were originally written in that language. 

Different Alphabets

Translation machines are just too simple, particularly when it comes to languages not using the western alphabets. Basic versions of Chinese, Japanese and Arabic alphabets, for example, means they have a limited ability to translate the more complicated nuances of English and other Latin-based languages, losing much in the way of meaning and tone as a result.

The Solution: Use Clarity E-Commerce Translation

Clarity only uses expert translators, qualified in the languages they are translating into. This means we offer the highest quality translations available on the market. 

If you are interested in receiving a quote or you just want some information, then get in touch today.

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Chris Williamson