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The Convenience of Clarity

Is it worth expanding cross-border?

E-Commerce is the biggest phenomenon to emerge from the digital age. According to Statista, $2,290 Billion US was spent online worldwide in 2017 and this figure is set to rise over the next 4 years. With businesses such as Amazon expanding rapidly and a sharp increase in online spend in recent years, now really is the time to maximise your online presence.

How do I go about expanding overseas?

Becoming a global brand isn’t a simple process. That said, there are more tools, resources and services to make the process easier than ever before. One of the main barriers to entry into a new marketplace is language. According to Internet World Stats, only 26% of the global internet population speak English.  Often, businesses do not have the resources in-house to translate listings and marketing materials and so it is necessary to engage a third-party (such as Clarity E-Commerce Translation).  

How many companies will I need to engage to sell abroad?

If you are going to engage an external company, it is good to know that they have the range of services to cater for all of your needs. This is why Clarity is the right choice. We have built our range of services to help you manage every step of the expansion process. We offer:

  • Product Detail Translation
  • Listing Error Resolution
  • Translation of PPC and marketing material
  • Multilingual Customer Service

We have even partnered with OFX, to offer a currency transfer solution, meaning you never need to go elsewhere for your cross-border e-commerce needs.


Why Choose Clarity?

Having worked with several clients looking to expand overseas we know what it takes to make your project successful. Our clients are all different, with different sizes of project and different goals - you can see who we’ve worked with before here

No project is too small (or too big), so why not contact us today, we would be more than happy to send you some more information or provide you with a quote. 

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