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How to Optimise Amazon Product Pages - Part 2


Product Features

One of the most important elements of an Amazon listing is the Product Features (Bullet Points). They are instantly visible to buyers and they are a great opportunity to highlight features and benefits of your products. Their concise nature means they are quick to read – ideal for today’s audience of skimmers.

Most Amazon shoppers don’t make it past the title and the feature bullets so it’s extremely important you get all of your relevant product information in.

You need to be concise and clear in your feature bullets, setting out the features and benefits of your product. You should use keywords in your bullets as it helps you get indexed by Amazon A9 for common customer search terms.

Here are our tips for Amazon Feature Bullets:

  • Use keywords in each bullet point

  • Include all major features – and how they benefit customers

  • Put the most important points and features at the top of the list

  • Address everything that comes in the package

  • Any information on settings, controls, etc.

  • Include care instructions

  • Product size or dimensions

  • Warranties or product guarantees

Amazon SEO.jpeg

Product Description

Your product description is a great chance for you to “show off” about your product. It allows you to include more keywords in your listing and it allows a little creativity.

A good way to start the description writing process is to look at competitors’ listings. What are they saying about their products? What are customers saying about their products (good and bad)?

Your description should explain your product’s key features and benefits, it should also address a customer’s main pain points. It can be useful to think of what questions customers ask about your product and try to answer them in your description.

Here is what Amazon recommends for your product description. Amazon recommendation.

Product Images

You really should pay special attention to your product images. They have the capacity to make or break a sale on Amazon.

Always use high quality images, shot by professionals. It is advisable to hire a photography company for your product images, if you do not have the skills in-house.

Amazon has strict rules regarding images, which must be followed to avoid listing suppression. Images must be JPEG, TIFF, FIGG or PNG files.

The primary photo for your product must be a professional photo (not drawings) on a pure white background. It should be of your product alone, without additional objects, text or logos. The product should fill 85% of the frame and it should be 1000 x 1000 pixels.

You are allowed to use up to 9 photos on your detail page and we recommend you use them all. You should try to include the following:

  • Product in use

  • Lifestyle image

  • Photo of product in packaging

  • Features – including text

  • Warranty information

  • USP


Example of a good Amazon listing

Here is an example of a good Amazon listing. EXAMPLE

As you can see, the sellers have included keywords and important information in their title. Their main keywords “Reflective Dog Vest” is at the start of the title and you can see benefits such as “safety” and examples of how and when to use the product.

They have included several large, high quality images which are filled to the borders. Their images include shots of the product in use and an image which shows the key features and benefits of the product. They even include a sizing info-graphic.

Their bullets are clear and concise with they key information in upper case to make it stand out further.


There are several elements to an Amazon product detail page and it is important to optimise them all to help you sell more.

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Chris Williamson