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How to Optimise Amazon Product Pages

With the holiday season coming up, there is no better time to optimise your Amazon listings. Attract more buyers to your products and sell more.

This is the first of a two-part blog, helping you to optimise your Amazon pages.

Introduction to Amazon A9 Optimisation and Algorithm

Amazon A9 is the name for Amazon’s search engine. The division that builds, maintains and improves the search engine is called the A9 division.

A9 has been designed to give searchers the most relevant results.

This means that you must optimise your product pages in line with A9. Amazon is a buying platform and needs to be optimised differently to a search engine, such as Google.


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Keywords are crucial to Amazon SEO, as they would be to any SEO strategy. Firstly, you must do your keyword research, using a tool such as AMZ Scout, SEMrush or BuzzSumo. These systems allow you to identify the most relevant keywords for your products and potential buyers.

Keywords can be split into two categories – Primary Keywords and Hidden Keywords.

Primary Keywords

Primary Keywords are the most important keywords and should be displayed in your product title, feature bullets and product description.

A good product detail page will include:

  • A keyword-rich title

  • 5 bullet points highlighting the features and benefits of your product

  • A detailed product description

Product Title

Your product title is the most important element of your Amazon listing, it has the biggest impact on search results.

You should incorporate as many high-quality keywords in your title as possible. Amazon allows up to 200 characters in your title (this varies according to category – so do your research).

Your title should include brand name, the quantity and any distinguishing features. You will see titles which are “Keyword-Stuffed” as well as short and sweet product titles. Personally, I recommend displaying the key information without making the title too crowded.

Amazon recommends the following for product titles:

  • Capitalise the first letter of every word

  • Spell out measurements

  • Numbers should be written in numerals (8 rather than eight)

  • Spell out the word “and”

  • Size should not be included unless it’s a relevant detail

  • Do not list the colour unless it comes in multiple

Optimise Amazon Listing.jpg

Hidden Keywords

Hidden Keywords are entered on the backend of Amazon Seller Central. This allow you to be indexed for customer search terms, without bloating your titles and description.

Hidden keywords enhance the discoverability of your product and Amazon recommends the following best practices.

  • Don’t include product identifiers such as brand names, product names, ASINs, etc.

  • Don’t provide inaccurate or misleading information, including the wrong product category, out-of-context words, etc.

  • Put search terms in the most logical order

  • Don’t include statements that are temporarily true (ex. “New”, “on sale”)

  • Don’t include subjective comments

  • Don’t use punctuation in keywords

  • Don’t add common misspellings or variants

  • Abbreviations, alternate names, key characters (for books, etc.) can be included

If you need help with any of your Amazon product pages, then please get in touch.

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