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Why Use Human Translation over Machine Translation?

There are a large number of e-commerce companies who attempt to sell cross border, but exclusively use tools such as Google Translate to translate their content. While machine translations are free and quick, the disadvantages certainly outweigh the benefits. A lot of translation companies, particularly in the e-commerce sphere use machine translations, but Clarity E-Commerce Translation never does.

Here are a few reasons why human translation is a better option.

Good Translation Requires Knowledge of Context

In order to achieve the best possible translation, it is important to know the background, i.e. what is being written and why? Humans can interpret context and capture the same meaning, rather than simply translating words.

For example, can machine translations differentiate between brand names and words that need translating? One example is a merchant selling a “Head Tennis Racket”. A machine translation translated this literally to “Tête Raquette de Tennis” (Tête is French for head).

Can you afford to use a translation service which make these kind of mistakes?

Nuances of Language

In most languages, a word can have several meanings. The only way to guarantee that the correct meaning is understood and translated is by using a human translation service. A lot of the time, the translator will be able to work out which is the correct meaning, but sometimes there will need to be contact between the translator and the client, something Clarity E-Commerce Translation can offer. Professional translators understand the idiomatic differences between their languages

Machine Translations Stand Out & Put Customers Off

Your product titles and product descriptions will be published on marketplaces/websites for potential customers to see and read. By having badly translated content, you are already at a disadvantage. Bad translations stand out to native speakers. Think to yourself, would you buy a product which had “gobbledegook” content in English? That will be what you’re asking your customers to do. Market-Facing content already looks and reads great in your native language. Shouldn’t it look and read in the same effective way no matter what language it is in?

But what about the cost?

While these advantages may be enough to convince you to use human translation, you may still be thinking about the cost. The Clarity E-Commerce Translation Price Guarantee means that you will not get your translation cheaper anywhere else as

“We will beat any quote provided by another translation company.”

It is always worth thinking of translation as an investment. By translating your content with us for a one off fee, you can use that across marketplaces & websites for years to come.


Working with Clarity E-Commerce Translation will not only get you the best quality translation, but also a detailed expertise of both languages and a wide range of knowledge of e-commerce platforms. All of our translators are either native speakers or have degrees in the languages they translate into. This will allow you to avoid risk when translating for business purposes and gives you a greater chance of accomplishing your business goals. In conjunction with our price guarantee, you can be sure you are getting the best possible translation at the best possible price.


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